2016 BMW M3 Price And Release Date

The M3 is one of the original sports cars out there, offering not only great performance but it is also one of the best driver’s cars ever made. The 2016 BMW M3 follows closely the steps of its predecessors so it doesn’t stray too far away from the winning formula, a greatly tuned chassis which has to be one of the very best, a very powerful engine as well as enough room for at least four people and their luggage.

Thanks to that, the M3 is without a doubt the best-selling sports cars of our time but this time it has a lot more competition from cars such as the ATS-V, the RS4 or even from the C63AMG. All of these are great in their unique own way, so BMW has to do something better to stay in front of such a powerful competitors.

Release Date

The 2016 model is only set to be a mild update of the 2015 model which has just been released at the beginning of this year. Release of the 2016th version is expected to happen during the next few months, we are pretty sure that it will come before the end of this year. Unfortunately it isn’t available as a 2-door coupe anymore which is a bit of a letdown but BMW moved that car to the M4 name. The sedan shares a lot of the suspension system with the 2-door coupe and in fact it is almost just as heavy as a coupe which is not an easy feat for a four-door sedan. On top of that, the balance of the car is spot on despite the fact that it isn’t perfect. This allowed BMW to fit the car with a more aggressive suspension settings, bigger wheels and brakes which with the help of that chassis manage to make the car faster around a circuit than a lot of 2-door sports cars or even super cars out there.

2016 BMW M3

2016 BMW M3


Engine wise, the 2016 BMW M3 has the same engine as that found in the 2015 model. This is a twin-turbocharged 3.0 liter inline 6, a rare breed when most manufacturers prefer the V-design thanks to the fact that it is smaller. The inline 6 engine in the M3 is good for 425 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque which is more than the previous generation but less than pretty much all of its competitors. While at first it may seem like a major drawback, thanks to the fact that it has one of the best gearboxes out there, a standard 7 speed dual-clutch automatic which sends all of its power to the rear wheels via a standard limited slip differential or an optional 6 speed manual which is equally responsive but a bit slower in change due to the human factor.

2016 BMW M3 Price

In terms of performance nothing changed, so it will do a 0 to 60 MPH run in just 3.8 seconds, faster than any other car in its class. The top speed is limited at 163 MPH but BMW can raise this to 170 MPH with the help of the upcoming performance package. The car is in fact just as fast as a Lamborghini Huracan in terms of acceleration from 30 to 60 MPH which is very impressive considering it only costs a fraction at $61,000. Most supercars are faster and better in this segment but still M3 offers fantastic ride feel and great results.




The interior of the 2016 BMW M3 has been revised with the addition of chrome trimmings which could have been passed entirely in our opinion, as well as a new iDrive system which should respond faster to the driver’s input. Other than this we are getting pretty much unchanged 2015 model interior. Leather is standard and the seats are comfortable bringing great level of lateral support even in faster corners which is very important in this type of vehicle.




On the outside we are getting unchanged car from the 2015 model which is to be expected considering it has just been released. For 2017 on the other hand, BMW is going to outfit their entire M-line of cars with the new Laser technology for the headlights which is an outstanding piece of tech which will change the way we drive cars during the night. Immediately you see one of these vehicles you will notice its design that is performance oriented since everything on it tells you that this is one fast vehicle.

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