2015 VW Golf R Release Date And Price

For all the people that are drooling on the 2015 VW Golf R that will soon be available for the European market we have great news. This vehicle will be officially presented at the Detroit Auto Show and it will be delivered to the U.S. buyers.

It is not all that great news since this will be the U.S. spec 2015 VW Golf R that will offer slightly less power than the European model. There will be no significant power drop, only 6 hp which makes that almost identical performances will be delivered by both of these vehicles.

2015 VW Golf R Release Date

2015 VW Golf R Back

2015 VW Golf R Back

For those fans of the 2015 VW Golf R most important is the engine and what is under the hood. We are getting 2.0 liter inline four cylinder unit that is refined with a turbocharger. Power is dropped from 296 in European model to 290 hp in U.S. model and this certainly is not a big deal.

There are always reasons to deliver slightly different vehicles for different market but we do not know why this is. Previous Golf R was pumping out 261 hp so we are getting much more powerful version and when we compare it to generation before it that offered 237 hp or the Golf R32 with 247 hp there are many reasons to be satisfied with power that it delivers.

According to reports even we are offered with less powerful model this car will be able to spring from 0 to 62 mph in 4.9 seconds just like the European model. Power is transferred through a dual clutch gearbox to all four wheels while the fuel consumption is stated to be 31 mpg compared to 27 mpg that previous generation model offers. Looking at the rest of the specs that we are getting these are the only differences between U.S. and European models.

VW Golf R Side

VW Golf R Side

Exterior received a lot of attention and there is no doubt that every driver will be able to recognize the 2015 VW Golf R in case it is set side by side with other standard Golf models. We are getting different lights, new front bumper, side skirts, dual chrome exhaust tips, rear diffuser and 18 inch alloy wheels. Ai intakes to the front are larger and allow turbocharged engine to be better supplied with air. All over the body we are getting R logos so there is no doubt that this vehicle will be recognizable.

2015 VW Golf R Interior

2015 VW Golf R Interior

Interior is also different and the most powerful Golf receives significant upgrades. We have sport seats and extensive usage of leather to further improve comfort. On the 5.8 inch touchscreen we are getting all the info about car that we need and it is also used to control radio and navigation systems.

Price Of 2015 Golf R

One of the things that we still do not know and we will have to wait for Detroit Auto Show to start is the price of this vehicle. It should be similar to previous models but it is pretty hard to deliver prognosis about this. Latest reports say that it should be offered for about $35,000 in a base version while more selected equipment will increase the price significantly.

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