2015 Toyota Venza Redesign

Reports and rumors about 2015 Toyota Venza are coming and we could hear that this vehicle will be officially presented at one of the next international auto shows. This will most likely happen during the next year but this information’s is long from confirmed.

Images that we have are pretty much of concept vehicle on which 2015 Toyota Venza might be based. If this vehicle comes similar to what we are able to see on images delivered here we think that there will be a decent number of buyers that will be interested in this car. Final design will be shown after the launch and delivery to the showrooms in the U.S.

2015 Toyota Venza Redesign

Both exterior and interior will receive major changes and make this car more likeable and more appealing to larger number of people. It is expected that at the front we will have more aggressive HID lights and new grille that will offer higher level of elegance enriched with chrome accents.

Interior will offer two rows of seats that will be enough for five passengers and enough cargo space to comply with the needs of whole family. On both front and back seats there will be enough room and this might be one of the main advantages of this vehicle that should attract buyers looking for more space in interior.

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Other changes in interior like large touch screen display and improved infotainment system will bring more tech oriented buyers closer to this vehicle. Features like heated front seats, push button, panoramic glass roof, navigation system, anti theft system and similar accessories will be available.

2015 Venza Hybrid

Information’s that we currently have suggested that there will be two engines to choose from. First will be the 2.7 liter four cylinder unit that will produce 268 hp while the hp number for more powerful 3.5 liter V6 unit is not available yet. Both engines should provide enough power for decent performances and it is expected significant improvements on the fuel economy segment when compared to previous models. Another version could be in the game and that is related to hybrid model, in this case we could see combination of smaller 2.7 liter unit with electric motor.

Price Of Toyota Venza

2015 Toyota Venza Side

2015 Toyota Venza Side

Price of 2015 Toyota Venza has not yet been confirmed but just as with many other vehicles we do expect that price remains similar to previous year model. If that is the case with 2015 Venza, than we can expect to see price tag starting from $ 30.000.

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