2015 Toyota Corolla Price And Review

The 2015 Toyota Corolla is going to be a brand new version with improved styling, a different set of engines, better interior equipment as well as a more affordable price tag. The car is going to be based on the concept that has been revealed at the beginning of this year, so we expect it to have a much more aggressive styling and also to drive better.

The actual car is going to be released somewhere at the start of 2015 at a base price of 16.800$. It is priced on the same level as it was the case with previous year model but have in mind that we are getting improvements and more equipment so that it surelly does look like it is cheaper than before.

2015 Toyota Corolla Price

Toyota has announced so far that the base engine that will come in the new model will be a 1.8 liter petrol powered inline 4. This will be able to provide around 132 horsepower and 128 lb-ft of torque. It should be more than enough for the daily commute especially when you take into account the fuel consumption of 30 MPG on average! The other engine that’ll be offered on the Eco model is the same 1.8 liter petrol unit that will provide around 140 horsepower and 126 lb-ft of torque making it a bit more powerful than the base engine and also more economical. This one will also provide better fuel economy so we expect it to get at least 32 MPG on average. Improvements like this were able thankfully to the changes in the ECU.

2015 Toyota Corolla Back

2015 Toyota Corolla Back


The base car will come as standard with a 6 speed manual transmission that is very good, offering good feedback, smooth gear changes, its only drawback being the fact that you need to change gears constantly in order to make it go. The previously available optional 4 speed automatic will not be available and with CVT that comes as a replacement for it we are getting slightly improved performances. The Eco model only comes with a CVT that is great for fuel consumption and performances but not so great for everything else, you will not have a feel that it really improves acceleration.

Toyota Corolla Interior

Toyota Corolla Interior

The base spec comes with manual AC, an MP3 player with iPod connectivity as well as electric front seats. For a bit more money or if you get the Eco model you’ll get automatic climate control, leather upholstery with heated and electric front seats as well as a satellite navigation system. Higher equipment level always asked for more money.

Review Of 2015 Toyota Corolla

Over the previous generation, the 2015 Toyota Corolla features more aggressive styling with two tone bumpers, lower overall stance as well as a rear spoiler with two exhausts for the Eco model. The LED headlights are now standard on all models while the LED tail lights are an optional extra. The car also will receive a new set of 18 inch rims for the sport model.

2015 Toyota Corolla Side

2015 Toyota Corolla Side

Release Date

We are eager to take this car on for a spin and we certainly do hope that this will happen soon. The 2015 Toyota Corolla comes with a quite affordable price tag and we know that it will be interesting for many drivers. It is nothing new to say that this is one of the most popular vehicles on the U.S. market.

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