2015 Nissan Z Concept Release Date

From Andy Palmer, Nissan executive vice president, we could hear that the 2015 Nissan Z Concept will be presented at this year Tokyo Motor Show. This concept should be a base for the next generation of the Z sports car from this car manufacturer.

Since the 2015 Nissan Z Concept is represented at the end of this year it is logical that the production ready model will be delivered shortly. This is done because there were announcements about next year launch of the 2015 Z sports car.

2015 Nissan Z Concept Release Date

In one of the recent interviews we could hear that the Andy Palmer from Nissan stated: “Do I know what it looks like? Yes I do. Have I driven it? Yes I have. When will you see it? Come to Tokyo.” This is pretty clear announcement so we will have to wait and see.

We could hear few reports and rumors about the future car that will be based on the 2015 Nissan Z Concept. It will be similar to currently available 370Z but the major changes will include lower weight that as a result should offer better performances, handling and fuel economy.

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Another big change is regarding the engine lineup and instead of V6 units we will most likely be getting smaller displacement four cylinder units. Just as usual smaller engine delivers less power but this will be improved with addition of turbochargers. It is interesting that we could hear possibility of hybrid powertrain in this vehicle, in this case electric motor will be there to improve power and performances of this car.

Specs Of 2015 Nissan Z

Nissan has a lot of experience with electric and hybrid powertrains and we were able to see ZEOD RC race car that represents high performance electric vehicle. Also we were able to see a electric sports car that is quite similar to current 370Z vehicle.

For those that think that this might not be enough and that the performances might not be good enough we need to say that the NISMO version will be also delivered to the market. There are no information’s about this model also.

As soon as we get more info about 2015 Nissan Z Concept and the production ready model we will bring it here. It is expected that more data will be available as the launch date approaches.

2015 Nissan Z Concept

2015 Nissan Z Concept

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