2015 Honda HR-V Price And Review

We are still short on few details regarding the all-new 2015 Honda HR-V. This is new model and will enter the market for the first time as a 2015th model. We could see it at the New York International Auto Show where it was presented for the first time and we could agree with positive reviews of many.

This will be a small crossover that will be positioned just under the CR-V crossover model. It will be slightly smaller and lighter for about 700 pounds, also it will come with a lower starting price. We can recommend this model to those drivers that need decent amount of space for back seat passengers, cargo space but still do not want to take large crossover like CR-V.

2015 Honda HR-V Side

2015 Honda HR-V Side

What we do know for sure is that the 2015 Honda HR-V will be based on the platform that is also used for new and redesigned 2015 Honda Fit. Reports suggest that the new Fit will come with a shorter body but still it will be roomier thankfully to the slightly wider stance and better optimized interior spacing. When we add the fact that HR-V will be about 7 inches longer than Fit, slightly wider and will offer higher ride height it should be a better choice when it comes to space availability and similar.

Review Of Honda HR-V

Interior will be again similar to the platform sibling Fit. We are getting Magic Seat feature that allows much better seat configuration and you will be always able to maximally optimize cargo area to your needs. Rear seats can be folded down and form the flat cargo area whiles the large tailgate opening allows easier loading and unloading of stuff. Front passenger seat also can be folded and flattened so the cargo room between tailgate and the dashboard is almost perfectly flat.

As we mentioned before this model will be about 700 pounds lighter than the CR-V crossover. This is not the only difference since it will be about 9 inches shorter and 1 inch lower. This might not be a huge difference but it will be certainly noticed. It is a good question if the slightly less space is a compromise when we are getting about 700 pounds lighter vehicle. At this point only three images are available and we are eager to get more.

2015 Honda HR-V Price

Looking at the currently available models on the market we can conclude that the 2015 Honda HR-V will come as a competitor to cars like Subaru XV Crosstrek, Nissan Juke and in some segments the Mazda CX-5 can be a competitor. To be able to compete in this segment it will need to be priced similarly to these models. If this happens that we can expect to see price tag of about $20,000 but these details will be offered closer to the release date which is expected to be in the next few months after which deliveries will be starting.

One of the most rumored segments for the new 2015 Honda HR-V are the powertrain options. According to sources it could be offered with a 1.5 liter inline 4 cylinder gasoline engine that will produce 130 hp. We could hear that the turbocharged version will be also coming to the market while the delivery of hybrid model is conditioned with the sale success of this new model. With a base engine we will most likely have the CVT that will send the power to the front wheels while the hybrid model could offer all-wheel drive option.

2015 Honda HR-V Back

2015 Honda HR-V Back

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