2015 Honda CR-Z Review And Changes

With the delivery of the 2015 Honda CR-Z we are getting few nice upgrades. Performances were the biggest problem and since this segment received most objections, it is important for Honda to further improves in this sector and that way it will manage to attract additional number of buyers.

Under the hood of this great looking hatchback we are getting 1.5 liter inline four cylinder engine that is paired with 15 KW electric motor. Total power of the system has been raised to 130 hp that are available at 6000 rpm and 140 lb-ft of torque. Compared to some previous models this is 8 hp and 12 lb-ft of torque increase.

2015 Honda CR-Z Side

2015 Honda CR-Z Side

Another problem that many noticed with this vehicle was that it did not deliver significantly improved fuel economy compared to standard gasoline competitors from other car makers. To further improve these results we are getting larger clutch and a new lower final drive ratio on the manual transmission equipped model. When CVT option is chosen you will be getting 36/39/37 mpg while the manual transmission models will come with 31/38/34 mpg.

2015 Honda CR-Z Review

Performance improvements are also available by a press of a button on the steering wheel. All models are now delivered with Plus Sport System that can be activated when vehicle is traveling faster than 19 mpg and when battery pack is charged over 50%. When this button is pressed in combination with accelerator pedal electric boost begins and offers increased acceleration for five seconds.

Honda CR-Z Interior

Honda CR-Z Interior

What is quite obvious and we can agree with many is that this car looks really nice. New front end and grille were delivered and it improves that looks making this vehicle look even more aggressive than before. On the side we need to commend really good and dark tinted 16 inch aluminum wheels that come with 195/55/16 tires while the 17 inch alloys are optional and come with 205/45/17 tires.

2015 Honda CR-Z Back

2015 Honda CR-Z Back

Interior has also received few nice improvements and is now much nicer place to be. Materials used are of higher quality and it is noticeable improvement. Instrument panel always was one of the best features of this vehicle with really nice design, we are getting modern and futuristic design while the features like USB audio interface, Bluetooth HandsFreeLink and similar. Higher level trims are offered with 6.5 inch screen that is combined with rear view camera and can be also used for navigation.

Changes For New Honda CR-Z

Since safety is one of the most important segments for U.S. buyers the 2015 Honda CR-Z comes with all the latest technology that is available. This car earned 4 star Overall Vehicle Score in federal National Traffic Safety Administration crash tests.

Starting price was $ 19.975 and depending on the trim level and added options can go significantly higher. Reports suggest that improved battery pack and electric motor in combination with further optimized gasoline engine will offer further improvements to the fuel efficiency and that is something that everyone would benefit.

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