2015 Ford Bronco Release Date And Specs

Recent reports and rumors suggested that the 2015 Ford Bronco should be shown before the end of 2013th but according to new set of rumors this might be slightly postponed. New rumors and reports are saying that we might be seeing new vehicle at the beginning of 2014th.

Soon after the premiere of new 2015 Ford Bronco we expect it to be delivered to dealerships and to be available to buyers. Complete set of information’s related to this vehicle are rumors so we need to take them with little caution.

2015 Ford Bronco Release Date

At this point there are no details about many things regarding this model but we could be sewing it offered in the next few months if Ford want’s to advertise it as a 2015th model. Even the images are of concept model from 2004th we do expect to see new model based on this one when it comes to the market.

2015 Ford Bronco Side

2015 Ford Bronco Side

What we could hear it seams that there will be three engines and depending what you choose you will be either getting 3.5 liter EcoBoost, 5.0 liter unit or even a 4.5 liter diesel engine. We are still short about details on performances and fuel economy. We do know that this mainly depends on the weight of this off road vehicle but again this is another detail that we do not have.

Another thing that is mentioned in these reports is the transmission. Most likely we will be getting dual clutch automatic or manual transmission. There should be few changes to either transmission so it would be able to cope with higher level of load to which the 2015 Ford Bronco will be exposed in off road driving. Suspension tune will make it much more capable and if the F-150 platform is used than we would be able to see it with significantly lower weight.

Ford Bronco Interior

Ford Bronco Interior

Few years ago we were able to see concept version of Bronco and it there is a good chance that new model will be based on this concept. If this happens we need to say that we will be getting pretty simple and clean interior and interesting exterior. Dashboard will be quite simple and will remind us on dashboards of planes where only few things will be shown.

Ford Bronco Back

Ford Bronco Back

If other rumors come to be the truth, than we might be getting vehicle that will share platform with quite capable Ford F-150. Many things will be shared but still these two will be quite different cars. One of the things that could stay almost identical is the all wheel drive system. Three chrome parallel bars will dominate the grille while the entire body will offer distinguished boxy style just like it is the case with shown concept model but also the previous generations.

Specs Of 2015 Bronco

Price is another segment about which we could rumors. According to what we could hear it seams that the base price of the 2015 Ford Bronco will be $ 26.000. With competitors like Toyota FJ Cruiser and Jeep Wrangler it will be interesting to see what happens on this market segment where we have “different” looking vehicles.

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