2016 Buick Verano Review And Specs

Buick was left without a compact sedan after it discontinued its Skylark series back in 1997. Soon afterwards Buick made a comeback with the release of the Verano and now it is the time for the 2016 Buick Verano to be presented as one of the latest additions on the market from this car maker.

Although the current Verano is 3 years old only, Buick is now working on the 2016 Buick Verano model -a brand new release. This vehicle sits at the same Delta 2 platform and will be able to compete effectively with the Chevrolet Cruze and the Opel Astra, the Europe Exclusive model. This new model is set to share many internal components with the mentioned models but we do expect it to offer more luxury.

2016 Buick Verano Review

Expectations are that this new version will hit the market as a 2016th model and that the tests are already conducting, its first spy shots by spies should be available soon. Currently available model has a short life span and this is as a result of GM’s introduction of the new D2XX –compact car-platform that forms the new basis of the next gen models like Cruze, Opel Astra and the Volt.


2016 Buick Verano Back

2016 Buick Verano Back

With much of its design details kept secret, the 2016 Buick Verano prototype was already spotted at the GM’s Europe test centers and what we know from it, is that it features this brand’s signature, the waterfall grille. It shares most of its outward appearance and its dynamics with the Opel Astra and this could be the explanation why the prototypes are being tested by engineers in Europe.

Specs Of 2016 Buick Verano

When it comes to styling, the 2016 Buick Verano will have many similarities with the Mercedes CLA which is one of the best cars in this segment. It will have a lower roof line compared to the currently available version and shall also be more streamlined with the suggested wind tunnel test line playing a major design role.

2016 Buick Verano Engine

2016 Buick Verano Engine


The new 2016 Verano will have an improved performance compared to the current model whose engine capacity is 1.5l. Its base model will be driven by a 2.4l 4-cylinder engine which will yield an outstanding 180hp. There shall also be a turbo Trim which will be powered by a 2.0l engine that shall put down impressive 250hp power output. This new model is expected to adopt the new GM’s Ecotech engine Family that makes it possible to have all its units turbo charged and also offer a diesel option as well.

Buick Verano Interior

Buick Verano Interior

Release Date

It is expected that the new 2016 Buick Verano will be launched in the course of 2015 but this is mostly for the Chinese market. Sales in the U.S will most likely commence in 2016 as the model is set to hit the U.S market later on in 2015 or at the wake of 2016. The company is yet to announce this officially as there is fears that it may delay up to 2017. Its selling price may not differ much from that of the current model though this is yet to the confirmed as well. The 2016 Verano’s key rivals will be the Audi A3, Acura ILX, and the Mercedes-Benz -CLA-Class.

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