2015 Lincoln Continental Price And Concept

Rumors, rumors and only rumors are currently available about the 2015 Lincoln Continental but we still need to deliver those to the people that are interested. We have these images that represent the concept version and reports suggest that the new vehicle will be heavily based on it.

We do know that one of the most important things in the automotive industry is the uniqueness and this is the segment where new Continental could offer a lot. There is no doubt that many solution we were able to see on the concept model will not be delivered on the production version but still if only a part of those is offered we will be getting something that is rarely seen.

2015 Lincoln Continental Back Top

2015 Lincoln Continental Back Top

One of the most interesting on this high level luxury vehicle is the cargo area. On the images we can see that it is possible to slide this part out which would make cargo much easier to reach. We are not sure if there is a need for something like this and there is more than one reason why most people will not need this. First, it is highly complicated system that would be prone to malfunctions and problems. Second, we know that people with the amount of money that is needed to buy this vehicle will not carry their luggage so this would be used by chauffeur and similar.

2015 Lincoln Continental Concept

Reports from well informed sources close to the company suggest that there will be many changes and that both design and features will not be this radical like it was on the concept. This is something we could guess and is logical but it will be interesting to see what this vehicle could bring when the launch date approaches.

Lincoln Continental Side

Lincoln Continental Side

Compared to concept version the all-new 2015 Lincoln Continental, if it ever comes to the market, will be based on the CD4 platform that Fusion used and not on the platform which was offered with MKS and Taurus models. Older platform was sourced from Volvo and this change could further improve the possibility for this vehicle to be offered.

2015 Lincoln Continental Interior

2015 Lincoln Continental Interior

Another change will be engine related. Instead of the 2.9 liter V6 turbocharged engine we could see the 2.7 liter turbo that was presented in few vehicles in ford lineup recently. We are sure that there will be more than just one engine in the lineup but no further details were delivered about this.

Price Of 2015 Lincoln Continental

When it comes to design and exterior looks, changes will be applied here also. Front grille will be integrated with the hood while on the back there will be two light bars. Looking from the side flatter and less intrusive belt line and C-pillar will be offered which will bring this vehicle closer to the current offer of this car maker. One of the things that we still do not know is the price of the new Continental. Expectation’s suggest that it could be offered with the price tag of about $60.000 for a base version and that the higher trim levels and models with additional equipment will be priced closer to $100.000.

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