2015 Lexus RX Release Date And Redesign

The Lexus RX lineup always shared a lot with the Toyota Highlander but if we are looking for even more similar version of this vehicle in Toyota lineup than Harrier is the closest match. With Harrier launched to the Japanese market we can expect to see similar 2015 Lexus RX to be delivered.

If you did not hear about Toyota Harrier you do not have to worry since this is Japanese market only vehicle. Images of this vehicle leaked all the way back in July but it is interesting that new set of images are slightly different and those differences are expected to be offered on the 2015 Lexus RX. It will be interesting to see the final version of RX but we do not expect large changes.

2015 Lexus RX Release Date

2015 Lexus RX Side - Toyota Harrier

2015 Lexus RX Side – Toyota Harrier

Main differences that we were able to notice is that 2015 Lexus RX will come with spindle shaped grille but it seams that the nose of the Harrier sticks out little further that what it is expected to be on RX. Also, headlamps bring different shape and this is notable difference.

Different shape of greenhouse is also offered and we can see that at the back it comes with a sharper point. On the side it noticeable that mirrors are not fixed to the doors and that they are on the A pillar. On the back this car receives different tailgate profile while under the rear bumper we are getting different diffuser.

Lexus RX Interior - Toyota Harrier

Lexus RX Interior – Toyota Harrier

Changes that we have mentioned here are not revolutionary but are enough for 2015 Lexus RX to be slightly different than Japanese bound version Harrier. Compared to currently available RX interior changes are also noticeable. Center stack is more symmetrical while the dashboard offers more dynamically styling. Steering wheel, door panels and seats are different plus the screen of the infotainment screen is moved further down than it is in current version of RX.

Lexus RX Back - Toyota Harrier

Lexus RX Back – Toyota Harrier

Reports say that the Harrier will be offered with 2.0 liter engine that will transfer power to the wheels through a CVT transmission. Power will go to either front wheels or to all wheels. Hybrid version will be also available and will combine 2.5 liter engine with 140 hp electric motor.

Redesigned Lexus RX

At this moment Lexus RX is offered with 3.5 liter V6 engine that comes with or without electric assist. It is highly unlikely that we will be getting smaller displacement engines in this car for the U.S. market. With improvements to hybrid powertrain this vehicle could bring even more customers to the brand.

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