2015 Kia Sorento Release Date And Redesign

2015 Kia Sorento

Information’s that we have received from two sources about the 2015 Kia Sorento are leading in pretty much opposite directions. From one side we could hear that this model will be offered with a redesign while the other side claims that the 2015th model will be a carryover.

It rarely can be that both of the sides are correct and it really is a close call in about this one. Spy photos that we could see suggest that new model will come but there are no confirmation’s if it will be presented during this year as a 2015th model or Kia will wait for the next year to represent it and then deliver it as a 2015th or 2016th year model.

2015 Kia Sorento Back

2015 Kia Sorento Back

More chances and we hope that we are right, are given to the source that claims this is the 2015 Kia Sorento model which will be delivered with decent amount of changes and as a new model. Cold weather tests were conducted in Scandinavia and this is done prior to the 2015th market launch.

Redesigned Kia Sorento

Compared to currently available version of Sorento this new model will be delivered with slightly longer body that will result in more interior room. These changes are not dramatic, only few centimeters longer wheelbase is expected here but with few more tweaks we expect to see nice improvement.

Kia Sorento Side

Kia Sorento Side

This mid-size SUV will also come with a different taillights and that is possible to see on the images that we have here. There is still a decent amount of camouflage on this vehicle so we are not sure what the final looks will be. As the launch date approaches we will be getting additional information’s and more photos.

Kia Sorento Interior

2015 Kia Sorento Interior

What we can conclude is that two engines that will power these vehicles include 2.4 liter inline four cylinder GDI unit and 3.3 liter V6 also GDI engine. Both of these will be offered with few small changes allowing them to pump out more power and better torque curves. When combined with improved aerodynamics we can expect to see slight but still noticeable improvement on the fuel efficiency field.

2015 Kia Sorento Release Date

We are not sure about the release date of the 2015 Kia Sorento but we could hear that summer or early fall is mentioned as a official presentation date. Just as always we do expect that after few months of the launch production will start and that the first deliveries will begin just right before the start of 2015th.

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