2015 Honda Fit Price And Review

New generation Honda paid much more attention on making its chassis stiffer with tighter-fitting doors, and as a result got better gap sealing and concomitant quietness. By adding adjustable intake cam phasing (VTC) to its valve-lift it has achieved easier acceleration because you aren’t so deep into the throttle.

Earlier in this same situation you had to floor the pedal just to maintain the speed. With direct injection and a 10 percent higher compression ratio its mileage has went up to best in class, which means 33 mpg city and 41 mpg highway for the LX version with a CTV.

Review Of 2015 Honda Fit

Compared to its previous generation this car is lighter, it is crisp of the line, it makes less noise and it doesn’t behave abnormally. It offers automatic gear change that reverts back to Drive mode after a pause and also a seven-speed manual shift option. Manual shifting provides firm ride, it’s easy to use and is highly articulate.

2015 Honda Fit Side

2015 Honda Fit Side

By widening wheel base and shortening rear trailing arms Honda has gained 3.1 inches greater rear seat legroom and the whole interior is roomier than ever, even more than Nissan Versa. It is one of those cars that leave you in misbelief how they can look so small but be so spacious inside. Although it is 1.6 inches shorter than its predecessor it has enough space to put a surfboard in it.

Honda Fit Back

Honda Fit Back

None of these things make it less nimble. To make up for its wider wheel base Honda gave this car greater electric power assist, more inclined roll axis and better front caster angle to make it handier than ever. Despite reducing its weight it is steady and forceful.

Its cabin is equipped with high quality materials and features like 7-inch multi-touch screen, navigation, back-up camera. There are also possibilities of playing movies while the car is stopped or displaying your iPhone’s screen. There is also a special place for your iPod in central storage compartment.

2015 Honda Fit Price

For the wide range of trims there are appropriate prices, in general they are about $100 more for the base car than the previous year model and $1,000 for the Navi model. For the five-speed LX $16,315 or for the CVT $17,115, both including destination. The five-speed EX costs $18,225 and the CVT $19,025. EX-L CVT only is $20,590 and EX-L with Navi CVT only is $21,590.

2015 Honda Fit Interior

2015 Honda Fit Interior

As you go from trim to trim you will find more features in each. For example backup camera that provides you the ability to see what is on the ground right behind you and helps you with backing by showing you wide-angle view. Next are hill assist, torque prompts to help you driving. On the EX and LX-L versions is the Lane-watch system which shows camera view in the side-view mirror on the 7-inche multi-touch screen every time you push a button on the end of the stalk.

The new Honda Fit makes an impression of more mature vehicle both in design and in its performance. It is one of the nicest surprises on the car market. All cars will be manufactured at Honda’s brand-new factory in Celaya, Mexico.

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