2014 Ford Fiesta Specs And Review

Just recently we have received details about 2014 Ford Fiesta that has been delivered as both three and five door hatchback. This is a version that will be offered in Europe but we are pretty sure that the sedan version for the U.S. will come with similar solutions.

Changes are quite obvious and it is easiest to see differences on the front where we now are getting design that is offered on all new vehicles from this car maker. There is no doubt that this is the largest change but it also comes with many smaller changes that are noticeable in interior and under the hood.

2014 Ford Fiesta Side

2014 Ford Fiesta Side

LED technology has been used for daytime lights while the entire headlights are now packed in a thinner case. Similar grille like we are getting on Fusion is available here and in combination with more aggressive lower intakes it certainly improves the overall looks of this vehicle. Power dome on the hood is more pronounced making this vehicle more likeable than before.

2014 Ford Fiesta Specs

Ford Fiesta Interior

Ford Fiesta Interior

At this moment still not all details about powertrains are offered but what we do expect to see is the 1.0 liter three cylinder engine that should offer about 123 hp. It will come as a replacement for the 120 hp 1.6 liter naturally aspirated version. Small turbocharged EcoBoost engine does not offer a lot more power but it does have about 36 lb-ft of torque more than a standard 1.6 liter unit.

One of the things that we think could be improved is the five speed transmission. Focus comes with six speed manual transmission combined with this engine while the 2014 Ford Fiesta still offers only five speeds. The Powershift six speed dual clutch automatic will most likely be a carry over from Focus and might be a better choice for this vehicle also.

Review Of 2014 Fiesta

2014 Ford Fiesta Back

2014 Ford Fiesta Back

As we said all segment of this vehicle has been improved and now the 2014 Ford Fiesta comes with nicer interior. From both Focus and Escape we are getting power mirror controls and chrome tipped window switches. Dashboard display has been replaced and we are now getting LCD display of higher resolution something similar can be seen on the Focus.

Different models will be offered for different markets and the U.S. buyers will get the sedan version. This is done simply because this market prefers sedan than hatchbacks that are hugely popular in Europe. It will be interesting to see the faith of the ST and RS versions and if those will be offered on the U.S. market since they come as hatchbacks only. Those that want better performances will certainly hope to see them offered on all markets and not only in Europe.

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Sales should start before the end of this year and there are reports that some markets already received this model. What we do not know is the exact date of the sedan launch for the U.S. market but that is also expected to happen during the first few months of 2014th.

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