1974 Trans Am SD455 – 1/4 Mile Drag Race

There are many things that we like, especially about cars, but Trans AM is one of the rare vehicles that will make our hearts pump faster and work much harder. If you ever wondered what 1974 Trans AM SD455 can do on drag track this video will give you the answer.

To be honest this is not a race against another fantastic car like this rare Super Duty model is, but it just hits the strip to see what result it can get. At the end we can agree that this is a more than a decent result and that it can be competitive with many new cars that are offered.

SD455 Burnout

SD455 Burnout

As soon as we take a look on this one, we can see how much effort was invested, on top of the money, to get it into condition like that. We can agree that this is one of the best we have seen in a long time and also one of the fastest. It does a small burnout, nothing too much and nothing fancy and at the end it reaches 106 mph and does quarter mile in 12.87 seconds.

Watch this video and enjoy:

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